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Behind the Decks with Bad Boy Bill

August 10, 2017

Before anything Bad Boy Bill is a Chicagoan, where his roots in House Music run deep. In the age of the Internet staying relevant and innovative is crucial, especially when longevity is coupled with the effect of instant gratification.

As a founding partner of two Chicago record labels (Moody Recordings and International House Records) and the electronic music streaming service,, he also maintains a standing behind the scenes.

In an interview with YourEDM he recalls his DJ journey beginning in high school, “I ended up getting on the radio doing a mix show in Chicago when I was still in high school. That broke my name throughout the city. I started doing mix tapes and CDs, and selling them. I started a company and started putting out legalized mix CDs and compilations.” he mentions, “I think that’s the key…finding something you just love to do, where it’s not really practice, it’s just something you enjoy doing.”

When most of us were trying to figure out our hopeful careers, Bad Boy Bill started a record label, was DJing on the radio, selling mix tapes/CDs out of the trunk of his car, even landing on Billboard’s Dance charts with his remix of Dada Nada’s “Deep Love” and a couple years later on Billboard’s Top 100 Chart with his song, “Yolanda” that he co-wrote, mixed, and produced.

A common theme he resonates with is character building through adversity, “At our company we say figure out how to do it, make it happen yourself, and that’s what we did. You make mistakes along the way, but you learn from them. It was especially difficult when we started the company, doing mix CDs and compilations and cassettes and licensing. [There’s] a lot that you have to learn about the music industry and music business.”

Since then, Bad Boy Bill has maintained his DJ and producing career for almost 30 years. We look forward to having his BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION at the MID Friday, August 25th with Steve Smooth, Nick Rockwell & Zebo.


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For BBB’s latest tracks & mixes check out his Soundcloud!