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Celebrate the MID’s 2 Year Anniversary Week!

March 5, 2013

Thursday, March 7th to Saturday, March 9th, React Presents celebrates the two year anniversary of Chicago’s favorite nightclub, the MID! To celebrate the second year, React Presents and the MID are welcoming the some the world’s most respected electronic dance music artists and rising stars from different genres. Thursday, March 7th, FEDDE LE GRAND hits the decks with rising duo SULTAN & NED SHEPPARD. Friday, the legendary techno mastermind CARL COX returns to Chicago’s most forward-thinking party, MAYHEM at the MID. And Saturday, to close out the week, one half of the Grammy nominated house duo Deep Dish, DUBFIRE, returns to Chicago.

MAYHEM at the MID prides itself on bringing the most cutting edge talent to the MID. Back in August, React Presents booked a little known producer, Baauer based off his track “Harlem Shake,” which then lead to become one of the most important songs released in 2012, going on to top the Billboard charts and spawn thousands of internet video memes. The MID also welcomed LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy back, with DJ sets from critically acclaimed Washed Out and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Walking the line between indie and hip-hop, the legendary DJ Shadow performed his ‘All Bases Covered’ set with no signs of being taken off the decks. Talib Kweli also brough his full band, and Erykah Badu stopped in for her first ever DJ set in Chicago, and Chicago-native MC Common stopped by to check it out.

Saturday’s at the MID have proven to one of the most popular weekly parties in Chicago, welcoming each member of the Swedish House Mafia on separate occasions and Spring Awakening Music Festival headliners, Skrillex and Afrojack. The legendary Richie Hawtin made his return to Chicago before making waves once again with the CNTRL Tour and young producer ZEDD completely sold out the club well before his performance on Late Show with David Letterman. Former members of Pendulum, Knife Party, graced the stage after selling out the Congress Theater and rising talent Arty brought his unique take on electro-trance to another sold out crowd.

We spoke to our staff about some of their favorite moments from the past year at the MID. Here is what they had to say:

Martin Malafaktor, Mayhem Instigator/Design God:
– Qbert & Kid Koala
– Carl Cox & Green Velvet
– Laurent Garnier
– Simian Mobile Disco (DJ set) & John Acquaviva
– Martin Solveig
– Talib Kweli with Full Band “End of the World Dance Party”
– James Murphy (DJ set)

Chris Yoder, the MID/React Presents Videographer:
Well, since I’ve been with you guys since late November, the one that I liked best was the Aoki show. Just ’cause it was mad chaos, the energy was 100%. There really wasn’t a dull moment and his whole “Show” of cakes, rafts & champaign was nuts.
I’m looking from my stand point tho, of filming – it was the best in my eyes on the standpoint of craziness.

Zebo, Mayhem at the MID Resident DJ/Cool dude:
My favorite show would be the Redbull Thre3style World final event that was held where we had Dillon Francis and Flosstradamus headlining.

The night started off with yours truly rocking an amazing set of true school 90’s hip hop which warmed up the night in only a manner that this boy could do. Next we had a battle with 4 DJs from across the globe who each brought a different bit of flare to the night. My favorite set was from the Jamaican DJ who ended up winning the battle that night. I remember he had a voiced dubplate from Damien Marley over the Welcome to Jamrock tune that said, “Welcome to CHI TOWN!”. When the crowd heard that they just straight up lost it. Afterwards Floss and Dillon both rocked the shit out of the crowd and then I ended up doing a tag set at the end with Curt from Floss who got on the mic and gave me props for being the dude that taught him how to mix. All in all, it was a magical evening that had me glowing for a few days.

Ami York, Executive Assistant/All Around Bad Ass:
2012 had to be Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest + Maseo of De La Soul – two legends of early New York hip-hop game sharing our stage for one night was amazing.That Native Tongue reunion, I cried a little.

hands down, 2013 goes to Baauer with Just Blaze, which just so happened to coincide with the ‘Harlem Shake’ craze. Both the artists had smiles ear to ear the whole time!

Mike Lang, General Manager:
In my opinion, one of my favorite shows of 2012 (and at The MID in general) had to be Steve Angello on the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. It was an obvious sell out night for us with tons of buzz being generated across the Midwest for a show like this especially coming off of North Coast Music Festival Weekend and seeing that we had Alesso the night before, and Axwell two nights prior. There could not have been a better DJ to book to finalize that weekend.

What made it particularly special was the set that Steve Angello busted out on that night. Typically, anyone would link Steve Angello’s set to be somewhat similar to that of a Swedish House Mafia set considering he makes up one third of that mega DJ trio. However, on this night he threw us a complete curveball by playing a tech house set which on paper, might not go over well with a commercial crowd that came out to see him.

One of the key moments that will forever remain with me while I work at The MID and for the rest of my life, was that moment when Steve Angello got on the stage and took the decks in front of a packed house stating, “Chicago…I am going to play nothing but dirt!”. Seeing that I am a tech house super fan, I had chills run up and down my spine and to see him follow through with one of the best tech house sets I have seen come through The MID (keep in mind, we have had some of the best), it was truly amazing. One was even more astonishing was the fact that the crowd completely ate it up. From wall to wall, booth to booth…the entire club was rocking to his beats. It was as if he had the entire crowd hypnotized.

The last thing I remember from that night was wishing that it would never end and during the last 15-20 minutes of his set he just ripped it with Swedish House Mafia anthems leaving the crowd absolutely speechless. It was just one of those events, and we have many of them, where it was talked about for days and even weeks afterwards. Given the talent we bring in on a weekly basis, to demand that much attention from one single set….was truly special.

Nathan Scott, MID Saturdays Resident DJ:
I would have to say the Kaskade show was one of my favorites, only because he has only played the MID one time, And the energy was unreal. I’m pretty fortunate and get to play many shows with him all over, but to open for him in our hometown was an amazing experience.

Jess Rickleff, Startender/Heart Breaker:
I’m fortunate enough to be a bartender at one of the most diverse and influential clubs in the city of Chicago. That being said, I have seen hundreds of acts within the 2+ years the venue has been open ranging from live bands to some of the best DJ’s in the world. Since working at The Mid I have been exposed to so many different acts, it takes a lot to draw my attention away from pumping drinks out to the few hundred people that stand in front of me. However, one act in particular did. Not sure if it was hanging from the rafters or the set he played that emanated energy throughout the entire crowd. Steve Aoki on December 15, 2012, grabbed my attention and put on a performance that I will always remember. I could tell it was going to be a show that stood out when the patrons walked in wearing fun colored clothing, random and off the wall accessories and they were all in great moods with anticipation of a fun night. Trust me, he didn’t let them down. Steve Aoki is one of the most quirky and energetic DJ’s I have ever seen. He not only plays for the crowd but his interaction with the crowd is something that must be witnessed.

Pat Grumley, Marketing Guru/Resident Hip-Hop Nerd:
Hip-Hop Nerd Seisure – Good homie DJ intel was scratching over Kid Koala playing beats, while Check-It productions had a full blown DJ battle going. It was a hip hop overload. I was 16 years old again and it was perfect.

Adam King, Office Wrangler:
The night of January 13th 2011 Laurent Garnier played the Mid. A rare time a lot of my friends are in the same room together. I was enjoying a shot with Mazi. He had just finished opening up for Laurent. Mazi turned and looked at the stage and then said, “He (Garnier) is playing my track.” I just thought that was a really cool moment. Headliner tipping his cap to the opening act.

Sara Jahn, Sponsorship Coordinator:
Gotta give a shout out to our Red Bull homies. Nobody rocks the party like Red Bull, and their Thre3style competition at the MID gave DJ’s the opportunity to showcase their skills doing exactly that. With A-list judges Jazzy Jeff, A-Trak and Z-trip, and top notch production, Red Bull filled the house with true party people from all walks of life. The house was packed and on their feet dancing to beats from all genres as the DJ’s battled their way to the world finals. Lights, cameras, and a lotta live music action. <3 that event.

Zach Partin, Publicist/Robot:
Hard to narrow it down: James Murphy, Claude VonStroke, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Bonobo, Phife Dawg & Maseo, Carl Cox & Green Velvet B2B, DJ Shadow, SBTRKT DJ Set…the list can go on and on and on.

React Presents and the MID would like to thank each and every artist that has come through Chicago and graced the stage, as well as the city of Chicago and all our mutual fans for helping make the MID what it is today. The staff looks forward to many more years to come.

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