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Lo Down Loretta Brown (aka Erykah Badu) – Chicago Debut

November 19, 2012

React Presents are extremely proud to welcome one of the most prolific women in hip-hop history – touring artist, DJ, teacher, community activist, and conscious spirit – Erykah Badu, to a soulful edition of MAYHEM AT THE MID for the Chicago debut of her DJ project, Lo Down Loretta Brown!

No introduction needed for this queen. As Erykah Badu, she’s brought you classic tracks such as “Window Seat”, “Don’t Cha Know”, “On and On”, and countless others. She is a busy woman, who juggles projects in holistic healing, teaching children, and numerous music egos; yet she is able to skillfully master each and every endeavor.
In the summer of 2011, Badu took to the ones and twos as the alter ego, DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown, which she claims will “melt any DJs face off”. She frequently spins at top nightclubs in her home of Dallas, Texas, along with stops at some of the hottest clubs across the country and a slot at the Rock the Bells festival.

Her DJ skills are featured on her official DJ release – a GOD’S ILLA mixtape, which is hosted by Badu and features soulful hip-hop music laced with lyrical prowess and authenticity. The sounds of her DJ sets span a plethora of styles including soul, hip-hop, funk, jazz, and even dance music for an eclectic blend infused with hints of the signature Badu style, that is captivating nightclubs all across the country. This event is a must see for Badu and hip-hop fans alike. Tickets are going fast – limited pre-sale tickets are available right here!

-Words by Kyle Goldberg