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MartyParty & Joker Hit Mayhem

January 28, 2014

MartyParty and Joker will be throwing down their unique brands of dance music grounded in deep bass on their upcoming North American tour. The two producers will wreck dancefloors around the nation with their hazy atmospherics and sultry-minded sonic vibes – languorous stretches of synthy psychedelia, grime and deep bass rooted in their true love, hard-hitting hip-hop – touching down in Chicago for a special Valentine’s Day edition of Mayhem at the MID.

MartyParty (Martin Folb) is a sonic enigma – try as you might to peg his “signature” sound, the South African producer/DJ’s genre is decidedly unclassifiable. Whether he’s producing commercial hip hop as Martin Folb or making electronic music as MartyParty, there is no mistaking his sound, rich, melodic and always emotional, an unpredictable roller coaster ride through his new production and timeless catalog. MartyParty’s music is constantly evolving and shifting, often bringing together unlikely combinations of deep bass drops, trance, gleaming synths, crowd pleasing hooks and a hard hip-hop backbone to create a new type of beast altogether.

Grab MartyParty’s “Anthem of the Masses” for free download right HERE.

Bristol, UK producer Joker (born Liam McLean), has been busy this past year releasing multiple records in his signature sinewy, melodic style of bass and dark, grime-infused beats. The producer heads up his own imprint, Kapsize Recordings, and has collaborated with acclaimed artists Jessie Ware, Freddie Gibbs, Flying Lotus, Zomby, Buggsy, Rustie and more. Heralded by Pitchfork as “evocative…beguiling” for his exceptional blend of R&B, grime, bass music and a dash of Sega Mega Drive – this is Joker.

Stream Joker’s New Head Top EP HERE.

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