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Netsky: The Face of Drum and Bass

August 16, 2017

Nothing quite exemplifies the current sound of Drum and Bass like Netsky (pronounced Net-Sky), as he established himself in EDM as one of the most distinguished yet mispronounced names. Best known for his cheery sounding tracks perfectly coupled with hooks you just can’t seem to get out of your head, the Belgian DJ/producer has been busy playing at Dreambeach 2017 and SMS Festival this past week.

While his latest release ‘Here with You’ with Lost Frequencies doesn’t necessarily represent his classic Drum and Bass style, it maintains catchiness. The slow-paced summer track combines aspects of EDM with hints of funk and soul alike. It’s one of those songs you feel inclined to replay for resonance. 

In an open forum on Reddit, Netsky admits that “I feel the best way to approach a big crowd is to not present yourself as a DnB-only act. People love to hear DJ’s and bands change it up.”

We’re thrilled to host his DJ Set at the MID on Friday, September 8th and see what’s in store with FiyaFly, Orville Kline, & Zebo!
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