the MID

Welcome to the Trap (Rave)

June 7, 2012

The newest taste of local flavor to take up a residency at The Mid – Chicago turntable virtuoso Zebo just released his latest gift to the music world in the form of a free mix titled Trap to the Future.

Zebo is a man of many talents and a DJ whose appetite spans a plethora of genres ranging anywhere from hip-hop, house, jungle, electro and everything in between. His most recent mixtape endeavor delves into the sounds a brand new bass music genre known as “Trap Rave” or “Future Trap.” Trap Rave fuses elements of the bombastic Southern styles of rap and trap music with the synth tones, rhythms, and details of electronic genres such as house, moombahton, and other forms of bass music. The result is a fresh new sound filled with rolling high hats, snappy snares, and booming basslines layered with womps, wobbles, synths and rap samples.

Trap rave is still largely underground but the genre is beginning to pick up steam in niche EDM communities and garnering some play in clubs and DJ mixes. While it is unclear exactly who pioneered the genre, some of the major players include Chicago’s Flosstradamus, Skinny Freidman, BALLTRAP, Lil’ Texas, and C.Z., to name a few.

The music speaks for itself, so be sure to check out Zebo’s Trap to the Future mixtape as well as Skinny Freidman’s highly acclaimed Trap Rave to get a taste of the trap rave sound. While “trap rave” is only in its infant stages, be on the lookout for the genre in the near future as it is already making quite a splash in the online EDM community.

– Kyle Goldberg