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What’s Next at Trance Arena

August 17, 2017

ATB: September 16th

The legendary DJ/producer/songwriter that is ATB, or André Tanneberger, has been on the scene for 20 years and it surely has paid off for the trance icon. He has since released a new crossover album, neXt, a two-disc compilation of collaborations with vocalists and a collection of ambient tracks that show a new side of ATB’s former trance-based catalog. “Message Out to You” featuring Robbin & Jonnis with F51 is the album’s lead single, is a truly uplifting, sweet track layered with smooth vocals and harmonies.  

In an interview with EDM Identity, ATB speaks on the resurgence of trance, “When you’ve been part of the scene for so long, you know that musical styles move in waves. One style might be “in” but a few years later it goes under the radar before surfacing again later. Trance never went away, but the EDM wave was on top for a few years with simpler melodies and harder sounds. Who knows, perhaps fans want to get back to more melodies.”

Regardless of his departure from what fans might typically expect from ATB, we love his new sound and album! We’re pumped to have him in the building on Saturday, September 16, hosted by Trance Arena!




Paul Oakenfold: September 23rd

Paul Oakenfold: a household name, UK-native, and staple DJ in electronic music for three decades. He initially gained popularity for his 2002 single “Starry Eyed Surprise,” which was infamously featured in a Diet Coke commercial. Since then Oakenfold stands as one of the most distinguished and successful producers in the electronic scene. His latest project, Generations, encapsulates the past 30 years of dance music and his role in it.

Perhaps the most compelling business venture in the works for Oakenfold is his graphic novel retelling his career to date, The Wonderful World of Perfecto: With Paul Oakenfold and Friends, that includes an original soundtrack co-written by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. With the help of artists and publisher Z2 Comics, this artistic team will each cover a different period in Oakenfold’s life.

In a statement from the publisher, Oakenfold says he’s “honored and excited to be a part of the first electronic music graphic novel. Being a fan of comic books for many years, I enjoyed telling my story in this context, which shows things in a different light.” The Wonderful World of Perfecto: With Paul Oakenfold and Friends will be released Nov. 21.

We can’t wait to have him present his latest project, Generations at The MID on Saturday, Sept. 23, hosted by Trance Arena!



Gareth Emery: October 6th

Gaz, or Gareth Emery’s recent modification to his show is unlike anything you’ve seen and you don’t have to be a trance fan to admire the allure of lasers when they’re in harmony, but rarely does that ever happen. Up until Gareth Emery announced that he’s been developing a new show concept, Laserface, all about visuals and lasers working in harmony with the music for the last year, and is debuting it in New York this November. It involves putting an amount of lasers in T5 (fluorescent system) that basically distort your mind.

While these Tickets won’t be on sale for another few weeks, catch him at the MID for the #SavingLightTour on Oct. 6th, hosted by Trance Arena!