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Live at The Mid – React Presents Soundcloud

May 27, 2011

On Friday, the 13th of May, LA’s finest Classixx took the Mid stage for the first time. And it wasn’t a first just for them: Classixx was the first group to perform on the Mid’s brand new Funktion One Sound System. Beyond that, they were gracious enough to let us record their set, as part of our new series “Live at The Mid,” where we will post live sets from select artists on React Presents’ Soundcloud. Check out Classixx May 13th set live at The Mid. Do you have a Soundcloud? Be sure to follow us!

Classixx Live at the Mid 5.13 by React_Presents

Tony Andrews and John Newsham founded Funktion One in 1992. They are some of the most highly regarded designers and manufacturers of quality point source loudspeaker system, with numerous patents to their name. They designed sound for some of the largest festivals around the world, including Glastonbury, Creamfields, and Homelands.

The Funktion One sound system at The Mid is specifically designed to fit the room and the diverse array of musicians, artists, DJs, and producers that come into the space.

The front speaker clusters are Funktion One Resolution 4 (Res4) three-way near field boxes. The Res4 is designed to have extremely high sensitivity matched with well-controlled directivity that yields high fidelity and coherency in reverberant spaces. The Res4 contains 12” for low-mid, an 8” for high-mid, and a 1” driver for highs, all of which are on highly refined horns with phase plugs.

The back speaker points on the main dance floor are Funktion One AX88s, which is a wide dispersion near-field speaker. It excels in reverberant spaces. Using two 8” drivers for the entire mid-band, the AX88 has a high degree of coherency and depth.

The main dance floor low end (bass) is provided by four Funktion One F221 subwoofers, each with dual-voice coil 21” drivers capable of handling 3,000 watts each for an overall peak wattage capacity of 32,000 watts of low end deliciousness. You’ll still be vibrating as you leave the club.

The entire system is controlled using high performance BSS Audio London processors, which give unparalleled filtering and equalization capabilities. The power amplifiers are specially selected MC2 amplifiers from England. The new MC2 E90 amplifier has a capacity of almost 8,000 watts per channel and has tremendous amounts of current available for deep enveloping low end. The rest of the system uses MC2 amplifiers that were specifically chosen to complement the various frequency ranges.

With a high amount of power and headroom available, The Mid sound system is designed to exceed the demands of today’s audience. Simply put, shits bangin’.